About me

Hi, I'm Ines and this is my personal blog. I'm a developer and marketing strategist specialising in web applications for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies. I'm the co-founder of Explosion AI, a digital studio for custom AI and NLP solutions. We're also the makers of spaCy, the leading open-source library for Natural Language Processing in Python, and Thinc, an open-source library for deep learning with text.

As a front-end developer, I work on the things you can see and interact with – basically, I'm the one turning a plain and naked API into a fully functioning and usable site or application. For AI, this means letting humans get knowledge to and from machine learning models.

I believe in programming until four in the morning in my pyjamas instead of getting up early to attend conferences about productivity. I believe in making the best possible products instead of launching just for the sake of it because some startup advice blog told me so. I believe in rational planning, logical consequences and bullshit-free hard work instead of "following my dreams". In short, I believe in doing things.

I grew up on the internet and started coding and designing websites at 11. After completing my degree in Communication Science, Media Studies and Linguistics, I spent four years at Exberliner, Berlin's English-language magazine, boosting ad sales, developing digital marketing campaigns and coordinating partnerships with agencies and brands. I've been self-employed since early 2015.

I live in Berlin with my two fancy rats, Chomsky and Avocado.

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