Published in Exberliner, issue #123, January 2014

My parents had one true passion: reading. I remember being a child, scouring through their hughe bookshelves and secretly taking books back to my room. One of them was "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo", the story of Christiane F., who became addicted to heroin as a teenager. The book was illustrated with authentic photos and even though I didn't know what "taking drugs" really meant or what Berlin looked liked, I was fascinated by the story and binge-read the book several times. Now Christiane Felscherinow has published her autobiography about her "second life" – the life after Bahnhof Zoo. For Exberliner she answered Walter's and my questions.

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Ines Montani

I'm a digital native, programmer and front-end developer working on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies. I'm the co-founder of Explosion AI and a core developer of spaCy and Prodigy.